Friday, 27 January 2012

Ravelry & Crochet

For Christmas I asked for a crochet needle and an Amigurumi book so I could learn how to crochet! I have made a few things now and have also started an account on Ravelry.
Here are a few photographs of the things I have made!

Teddy bear head
Teddy Bear Head
This was my first attempt at crocheting something! I had done small test patches before hand, he's pretty good for a first attempt though!

Knit your own ninja!
Mini Ninja
Also for Christmas I got a 'Knit Your Own Mini Ninja' kit, this isn't crochet, but I still think he deserves a view! (I've been able to knit since I was a child, nothing complicated however!)

Teddy bear egg
Teddy Bear Egg
This was my second attempt at crocheting, and I think he came out really well! Was also my first attempt at changing colour's half way through.

Panda phone charm
Panda Phone Charm
Now, this isn't finished, but I'm putting him up here as im rather pleased with how he's turned out so far! All I have left to put on his eyes and he's done!

Lion Phone Charm
This was my first time of using a 2.5mm crochet hook, as the smallest I had been using before was a 4mm, so that was a bit difficult to get used to. He came out ok, although I am not 100% happy with him!

Hope you enjoyed some of my creations! As soon as I have perfected my technique somewhat I will start putting some up for sale in my Etsy shop!

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