Friday, 20 January 2012

Live Color XXL - Colour Foam

So today I decided to buy the new hair dye from Schwarzkopf, Live Color XXL Shake It Up Colour Foam in 589 - red berry passion.
This is my attempt at 'reviewing' it!

Here's the new hair dye.

My hair before dying, I had it professionally dyed (18th November 2010) and it's faded considerably within the last 2 months.

Here's the colour just after placing the foam in my hair, really bright! Please excuse my poor attempt at application.

After 20mins of developing, turning into a really deep colour.

This is the result after blow-drying.

Overall I think it's a good hair dye, although I managed to drip it everywhere (probably needs more 'shakes' than 40 like it says on the tub), and be prepared for it go everywhere when you wash it out. The overall easiness of it was a lot better than a conventional liquid dye, as you can slap it on and massage it in, the end result was not as bright as I was hoping for, but it looks exactly like how my hair was dyed at the salon. Also it was suppose to have a berry like smell, but it smells like berries mixed with chemicals!
Would I buy this again? Yes.
So if you're thinking of trying this, I would say, go for it!

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