Monday, 17 October 2011

My Graduation 2011

On the 14th October 2011 I graduated from Swindon College/Univeristy of Bath with a BA Honours in Sequential Illustration!
Here are some of the photographs from the day!

Graduation 2
Just after being gowned and having professional photographs taken!

Graduation 4
Stood waiting with some guys from my class

Graduation 5
Some of my fellow classmates!

Graduation 9
Everyone from my class that attended Graduation!

Graduation 20
Walking in procession up from the hotel to the church

Graduation 22
Waiting outside the church for all the guests to be seated

Graduation 16
Walking out of the church after the ceremony!

It should take a week or so to get my professional photographs from the day, and then a bit longer to get the prints, I will post up a couple of the professional ones for good measure! ^_^
Was a pretty good day, was really nice seeing everyone again and having a good old knees up!

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