Monday, 26 September 2011

Instagram Photoshop Actions

I recently got sent a link by my lovely friend "Yeti" (go check out her poetry!), about Instagram photograph effects, and how, after looking, the author could not find any Photoshop actions, so made some himself!
Well I adore Photoshop actions, so thought I would download them and give them a spin on a photo of myself!

Here's the link to the tumblr post: here, and you can download the actions from there as well!


Instagram - Brannan

Photoshop - Brannan

Left: Instagram Brannan, Right: Photoshop Brannan

Instagram - Earlybird

Photoshop - Earlybird

Left: Instagram Earlybird, Right: Photoshop Earlybird

Instagram - Gotham

Photoshop - Gotham

Left: Instagram Gotham, Right: Photoshop Gotham

Instagram - Hefe

Photoshop - Hefe

Left: Instagram Hefe, Right: Photoshop Hefe

Instagram - Inkwell

Photoshop - Inkwell

Left: Instagram Inkwell, Right: Photoshop Inkwell

Instagram - Lomo-fi

Photoshop - Lomo-fi

Left: Instagram Lomo-fi, Right: Photoshop Lomo-fi

Instagram - Lord Kelvin

Photoshop - Lord Kelvin

Left: Instagram Lord Kelvin, Right: Photoshop Lord Kelvin

Instagram - Nashville

Photoshop - Nashville

Left: Instagram Nashville, Right: Photoshop Nashville

Instagram - Sutro

Photoshop - Sutro

Left: Instagram Sutro, Right: Photoshop Sutro

Instagram - Toaster

Photoshop - Toaster

Left: Instagram Toaster, Right: Photoshop Toaster

Instagram - Walden

Photoshop - Walden

Left: Instagram Walden, Right: Photoshop Walden

Instagram -  X Pro II

Photoshop - X Pro II

Left: Instagram X Pro II, Right: Photoshop X Pro II

Some come out pretty much as is, except the borders :)
Hope this was helpful!

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