Monday, 26 September 2011

Instagram Photoshop Actions

I recently got sent a link by my lovely friend "Yeti" (go check out her poetry!), about Instagram photograph effects, and how, after looking, the author could not find any Photoshop actions, so made some himself!
Well I adore Photoshop actions, so thought I would download them and give them a spin on a photo of myself!

Here's the link to the tumblr post: here, and you can download the actions from there as well!


Instagram - Brannan

Photoshop - Brannan

Left: Instagram Brannan, Right: Photoshop Brannan

Instagram - Earlybird

Photoshop - Earlybird

Left: Instagram Earlybird, Right: Photoshop Earlybird

Instagram - Gotham

Photoshop - Gotham

Left: Instagram Gotham, Right: Photoshop Gotham

Instagram - Hefe

Photoshop - Hefe

Left: Instagram Hefe, Right: Photoshop Hefe

Instagram - Inkwell

Photoshop - Inkwell

Left: Instagram Inkwell, Right: Photoshop Inkwell

Instagram - Lomo-fi

Photoshop - Lomo-fi

Left: Instagram Lomo-fi, Right: Photoshop Lomo-fi

Instagram - Lord Kelvin

Photoshop - Lord Kelvin

Left: Instagram Lord Kelvin, Right: Photoshop Lord Kelvin

Instagram - Nashville

Photoshop - Nashville

Left: Instagram Nashville, Right: Photoshop Nashville

Instagram - Sutro

Photoshop - Sutro

Left: Instagram Sutro, Right: Photoshop Sutro

Instagram - Toaster

Photoshop - Toaster

Left: Instagram Toaster, Right: Photoshop Toaster

Instagram - Walden

Photoshop - Walden

Left: Instagram Walden, Right: Photoshop Walden

Instagram -  X Pro II

Photoshop - X Pro II

Left: Instagram X Pro II, Right: Photoshop X Pro II

Some come out pretty much as is, except the borders :)
Hope this was helpful!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Winter Coat

On Wednesday me and my Dad took a walk over to our local shops, and I thought I would have a look in the different fashion stores as I was looking for a winter coat! Luckily I walked into a Laura Ashley store and fell in love with this beautiful coat:

I love Laura Ashley products by default as I am in love with the shabby chic style, but this coat was just gorgeous! However, I didn't think it was that gorgeous for £135! However NOW its come down in price (in 2 days!) to £101.25! Win, win, win! So I will be buying this little beauty shortly! :)

Anyone else found their perfect winter coat recently?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Quick Post!

Devi Just a quick post to update ya'll on everything that's been going on!
Ive been job hunting recently since I got back from my USA holiday, and I have managed to find a temporary job for 4 weeks that starts tomorrow! Yay! The only thing with this is, I don't know when I will get the time to blog, BUT, I will make time at least once a week to put up a post! I also have a draft post at the moment that's ready to be posted, so you will get that in a few days :)
In the mean time, enjoy the picture of my kitty!

Monday, 12 September 2011

I won a giveaway!

I won the Emma Gerard giveaway at Cupcakes Clothes, link!

Emma Gerard Giveaway
Firstly it arrived in this cute little box (address blocked for obvious reasons).

Emma Gerard Giveaway
And Georgina through in this free ring from her online shop Dolly Mixx!

Emma Gerard Giveaway
The prize I won, carefully wrapped in such cute wrapping paper!

Emma Gerard Giveaway
The badge I won and a lovely thank you note!

Emma Gerard Giveaway
The badge! It is an America sweet called Button Candies!

Thanks again to Georgina for hosting this giveaway! I love entering giveaways :)


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wenches And Mead!

My latest look on LookBook!
Went to a pirate themed birthday party last night :) Its a shame I didnt manage to get a better picture of my outfit!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Venice Beach, LA.

Booo, my last post about my holiday in America! Although it was just over a month ago that I came back!

Venice Beach, LA. 
Driving from San Francisco back to LA, had to divert through Bakersfield, where we saw a farmer crop dusting!

Venice Beach, LA.
Saw a custom version of the car we were driving!

Venice Beach, LA.
Our room at Venice Suites (check me out in the mirror haha!)

Venice Beach, LA.
Our room from the other side.

Venice Beach, LA.
The view onto Venice Beach from the front window of our hotel.

Venice Beach, LA.
There was a rumour going around that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were filming their new video at Venice Beach, turned out it was true!

Venice Beach, LA.
Another police horse :3

Venice Beach, LA.
Venice Beach, LA.
Venice Beach, LA.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

Venice Beach, LA.
The next morning we went to eat at Zeldas Deli (bf loves Zelda games!)

Venice Beach, LA.
We caught a bus to Santa Monaca, and saw the Navy Seals parachute in!

Venice Beach, LA.
We went to a nearby mall and found a puppy shop, which I don't know if it is cruel or not...

Venice Beach, LA.
Then had some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery!

Venice Beach, LA.
Venice Beach, LA.
Venice Beach, LA.
Walked all the way back from Santa Monica to Venice Beach in the sea! I got tar all over my feet =/

Venice Beach, LA.
The sunset at Venice Beach

Venice Beach, LA.
Much better picture of the sunset

Venice Beach, LA.
On our last day we went shopping at The Grove! Where we saw Simon Helberg who plays Howard Wollowitz in The Big Bang Theory! (Shame no pic!)

Venice Beach, LA.
We also went to see the La Brea tar pits!

Venice Beach, LA. 
Nooo elephant! D:
Venice Beach, LA. 
Our last dinner in America: Cheesecake Factory.
Venice Beach, LA. 
A double decker tram! And thats my last photograph from America :( 
I hope you enjoyed my holiday snaps! Next trip planned: New York in March! :D