Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Celebrate the Summer 5!

Celebrate the Summer, which is a 'meme' taken from Lolita Wonderland, original post here!

✩ Summer cleaning.
✩ Organise your Lolita.
✩ Ice Cream hunt.
✩ Discover your destination.
✩ Blow bubbles.
✩ Bring the books out.
✩ Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes.

✩ Organise your Lolita.
I have been meaning to get all of my Lolita out for a while and photograph the lot, including accessories!
So far on my flickr I have these:

Loli Wardrobe Collage
This is a collage of everything Loli that I have in my Flickr so far! I have now photographed everything else I have collected since then!

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Snow Dot JSK

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ma Cherie JSK

AP Memorial Cake JSK
Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake JSK

AP Milky-chan Replica JSK
Angelic Pretty REPLICA Milky Chan JSK

Metamorphose JSK
Metamorphose ??? JSK

Faux Fur Stole
Monsoon Faux Fur Stole

Woolen Bolero
Pink Knitted Bolero

Henry Holand Coat/Cape
Henry Holland Cape

Baby The Stars Shine Bright ??? Top

AP Replica Skirt
Angelic Pretty REPLICA Wonder Cookie Skirt

Black Ballerina Flats
Black Ballerina Flats

Bodyline Flats
Bodyline Flats

M&S Shoes
M&S Leather Pumps

Claobao Shoes
Clobba Shoes

Montreal Shoes
Montreal Shoes

Boohoo Boots
Boohoo Whitney Heeled Lace Up Worker Boots

Debenhams Sandals
BHS Sandals

Ross Boots
Ross Boots

These do not include my accessories, jewellery, and other items at the moment, but I will update with another post on that another time!


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