Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Holiday Countdown: 6 Days & Celebrate the Summer!

America Countdown:
6 Days

I am going to use a post from Lolita Wonderland as a meme for this and a few more post's! You can find the original post here!

✩ Summer cleaning.
✩ Organise your Lolita.
✩ Ice Cream hunt.
✩ Discover your destination.
✩ Blow bubbles.
✩ Bring the books out.
✩ Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes.

✩ Summer cleaning.
I am constantly clearing out my cupboards and shelves of stuff I don't need, want or use, but I don't seem to ever get anywhere! My room is as full as I started, if not more packed full of stuff! X_X
With my birthday just gone my room has filled up again, although I have just finished another ebay 'load', didn't manage to get rid of much, but the more room the better!
I think once I get back from the USA I shall have to have a thorough clear-out, as I have plenty of clothes that are too big! Not sure whether to put those on ebay or just take them to a boot sale. Maybe ebay, then boot sale!

A collage of my latest ebay listings. Some sold and some didn't! Think I will be taking what didn't sell to a boot sale!


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