Friday, 8 July 2011

Holiday Countdown: 3 Days & My Hairstyles!

America Countdown:
3 Days

For this post I thought I would post up a few of my past hairstyles and colours! I haven't included any of my dreads, as there are sooo many! That might be left for another post at some point :)
These are in a rough chronological order, but I firstly dyed my hair pink and then went pink/black, but I dont have any photographs of that, and I don't want to repeat myself too much!

Hairstyle 1 - Natural Brown
Natural brown hair, chest length. Nothing done with it!

Hairstyle 2 - Black, Pink Fringe & Extentions
Dyed black, with a pink fringe. Has black nail tipped extensions all over.

Hairstyle 3 - Dyed Pink
Bleached and dyed my hair pink!

Hairstyle 4 - Bleached Blonde
Bleached blonde!

Hairstyle 5 - Dyed Blue
Dyed blue!

Hairstyle 6 - Dyed Blue & Extentions
Dyed blue with nail tipped extensions in matching colour, also with a black streak.

Hairstyle 7 - Faded Blue Cut Short
Faded blue to a turquoise, cut really short to help my undercut grow out.

Hairstyle 8 - Dyed Pink with Clip In Extentions
Current hairstyle! Dyed pink, and worn with clip in pink extensions.



  1. The blue and the turquoise are my faves...but then they're my fave colours! have a fantastic time in the good ol' US of A :)

  2. Thank you Niesje!

    Aww thanks! Im getting more pink put in tomorrow though! But I have about 3 pots of turquoise left, so maybe turquoise in my future? Will do! And I will do plenty of blog post's when I get back on it! :D