Friday, 29 July 2011

Celebrate the Summer 4!

Celebrate the Summer, which is a 'meme' taken from Lolita Wonderland, original post here!

✩ Summer cleaning.
✩ Organise your Lolita.
✩ Ice Cream hunt.
✩ Discover your destination.
✩ Blow bubbles.
✩ Bring the books out.
✩ Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes.

✩ Ice Cream hunt.
I feel this one would be PERFECT to do while im on holiday in America! So I will be taking a little notebook around with me and tasting all the different ice cream's I can!
I am going to make it my mission to eat in a Baskin Robbin's and to eat in the San Francisco Creamery! I really want a 'Kitchen Sink' but I don't think I could ever eat one of those to myself! Here is a photo of a Kitchen Sink:

So stay tuned for this one when I get back from America!

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