Friday, 22 July 2011

Celebrate the Summer 3!

Celebrate the Summer, which is a 'meme' taken from Lolita Wonderland, original post here!

✩ Summer cleaning.
✩ Organise your Lolita.
✩ Ice Cream hunt.
✩ Discover your destination.
✩ Blow bubbles.
✩ Bring the books out.
✩ Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes.

✩ Discover your destination.
Im changing it up a bit and doing this one before I do the Ice Cream hunt one! This is because from the 11th July, i'll be in America!

We shall be going from Los Angeles (Staying near Hollywood!)

To Disney!

To Palm Springs!

To Alice Cooper's restaurant in Pheonix to eat a 'Big Unit'!

Onto Vegas baby!

Then to go Alien watching at Area 51, The Little A'le'Inn!

And then onto South Lake Tahoe!

Then to San Francisco!

And then back to LA, to the beach! Where we wind down and get ready to come home :( Boo!

When I get back I shall do a photo post for each place that I visit, as I think there will be waayyyy too many photo's for one blog post!
Hope all of you are looking forward to it!

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  1. Oh wowie, I am so jealous! I wanna go to those places <3