Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Holiday Countdown: 12 Days!

America Countdown:
12 days

Oh wow, my first post without the meme! Whatever will I doo! Haha.

Well I think I am still under the weather, boo! I am really hoping that it will be gone by this weekend coming, really need to start shorting out my holiday stuff. I am also going to book myself in to have my hair done just before I go away, roots need bleaching asap, they are well over an inch long! Also needs a trim and colour top up! Will post before and after photo's when I get it done! :)

I am really hoping I also receive my boohoo purchase in the post today, as I have been waiting since Friday! And *fingers crossed* I get the marks for my final major projects in the post today as well!

I need to start making a holiday list, make sure I do not forget anything! I think at the moment all I can think of are the basic, and all my Loli stuff! Although I dont know what Lolita to take with me! I shall decide soon :)

Now I shall leave you with a picture of how I have painted my nails!
Stargazer gold with Barry M black crackle!



  1. Hihi, I have the same nailpolish, it's so cool!

  2. It is! I absolutely adore crackle! Have so many crackle colours now, will have to do a blog post about them all soon! :D x