Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holiday Countdown: 11 Days & BooHoo Order

America Countdown:
11 days

Last night I got home to find I had received my order in the post! Yay!

So to recap I bought 3 dresses and a belt, which you can see the stock photos in this post. They came in a plastic posting bag, and then they were individually wrapped in their own plastic bags.

Boohoo order bags
Laid out in their bags!

Boohoo order laid out
And here it all is laid out!

I tried a few things on last night, however the lighting wasn't good enough to take photographs, so tomorrow I am going to try it all on and take photographs! But from what I can see I think I will be sending the 'Leah' dress back! :( It just doesn't look very flattering on me, which is a shame as it's my name!

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