Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holiday Countdown: 11 Days & BooHoo Order

America Countdown:
11 days

Last night I got home to find I had received my order in the post! Yay!

So to recap I bought 3 dresses and a belt, which you can see the stock photos in this post. They came in a plastic posting bag, and then they were individually wrapped in their own plastic bags.

Boohoo order bags
Laid out in their bags!

Boohoo order laid out
And here it all is laid out!

I tried a few things on last night, however the lighting wasn't good enough to take photographs, so tomorrow I am going to try it all on and take photographs! But from what I can see I think I will be sending the 'Leah' dress back! :( It just doesn't look very flattering on me, which is a shame as it's my name!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Holiday Countdown: 12 Days!

America Countdown:
12 days

Oh wow, my first post without the meme! Whatever will I doo! Haha.

Well I think I am still under the weather, boo! I am really hoping that it will be gone by this weekend coming, really need to start shorting out my holiday stuff. I am also going to book myself in to have my hair done just before I go away, roots need bleaching asap, they are well over an inch long! Also needs a trim and colour top up! Will post before and after photo's when I get it done! :)

I am really hoping I also receive my boohoo purchase in the post today, as I have been waiting since Friday! And *fingers crossed* I get the marks for my final major projects in the post today as well!

I need to start making a holiday list, make sure I do not forget anything! I think at the moment all I can think of are the basic, and all my Loli stuff! Although I dont know what Lolita to take with me! I shall decide soon :)

Now I shall leave you with a picture of how I have painted my nails!
Stargazer gold with Barry M black crackle!


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 29 & 30 & Birthday!

America Countdown:
13 days

Woooo! So close to holiday! I really cannot wait!

As you might have known it was my birthday on Friday and I turned 22! Bit surreal really! I got quite a few presents, some dollars for my holiday and a few bits and pieces!
I also went shopping in town on Saturday for a few holiday items, which ive also been buying online. And then I went to Bournemouth Sunday and bought looaddss of items for my holiday! Haha.
Oh and the big thing that happened, just before I went out for my meal with my friends is...I lost my voice!!! It still hasnt come back fully, I was thinking of doing a small V-log just to show everyone how silly I sound, but I dont think it comes out on camera well!

Guess what. It's my birthday! JIMMY CHOO SUNGLASSES OH EM GEEE!!!
Really bad photograph of me! But I was still slightly unwell on my birthday. Me in my brand new Jimmy Choo sunglasses!

Breakfast of champions!
My birthday breakfast! One of the four cakes I got X_X

The beautiful flowers I got for my birthday!
The beautiful bunch of flowers that Tom & Tara bought for me! <3

Friday night! Meal out for my birthday 
Just after the meal Friday night!

Me and my girls!! @deadteddys, Corinne and @vegansian!
Just leaving Bournemouth! Me, Corinne & Sian! <3 My weekend has been sooo awesome! Although I swear I spent wayyy too much money, but it's not too bad! Haha.

Holiday Shopping
There are a couple of things not from Bournemouth as well...
  • Travel cushion - Ebay
  • White Multi-strap bra - BHS
  • Gold sparkly bikinni - River Island
  • Pink, Black & White Tank Tops - Primark
  • 3 Pairs of Socks - Primark
  • Beaded Necklace - Primark
  • Hideous Shorts - TK Maxx
  • Black Bikinni Top - La Senza
  • Wide Brown Belt - New Look
  • Lipstick - Benefit
  • Red Bench Top - Ebay
  • Sun Hat - Simons Leather
  • White Hair Rose - Primark
Will post up more when I receive it in the post!

Picture Meme - Day 29
Day 29 - A picture of yourself
Friday night again 
Another picture of me from Friday night! :)

Picture Meme - Day 30 - LAST DAY!!!
Day 30 - A picture of you and your best friend
Hehehe! @thedemogorgon, @vegansian 
Here is a picture of me and a couple of my best friends! Love them all to death! <3

Entire theme under cut.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Bands And Burlesque

Just posting my newest lookbook post for now! I am pulling everything birthday related together to give you a MASSIVE post update tomorrow! Keep your peepers peeled!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 27 & 28

My birthday - 1 day
America - 18 days

Well I did mean to post a blog post yesterday! But I went to the cinema last night and as soon as I got back to mine I crashed, so the blog post I had saved didn't get finished, here's what I wrote...

Woop woop! My birthday is nearly here! I cant wait :) Sounds weird but - The sooner my birthday comes and goes, the quicker my holiday will be here! Woooo! I bought a travel pillow today for £6 off ebay, so that will keep me comfy on the plane and when we travel in the car :)
I am also scouring ebay for some bargains on clothes, think I have spotted a lush bench boob tube, just trying to bid on it now ;-;
I am feeling a lot better today as well, thank god! I really hope I am close to 100% tomorrow, as I need to get to the gym and then I am going out in the evening. We shall see, I have been taking day nurse, which is helping a lot!

I am feeling roughly the same today as I did yesterday in terms of illness and such, but I am still taking day nurse and fingers crossed I will be better by tomorrow! Even if I am the same again it isn't too bad, just get a headache every now and again, as I think my throat is under control :)

Tomorrow is gonna be such a fun packed day! Have to get up super early as my aunt wants me to go round her house before 11am! Eek!
Tonight I am really looking forward to going to a burlesque evening, should be fun! And I am dressing up as well :) Sooo much fun to be had I can't wait!

Picture Meme - Day 27
Day 27 - A picture of you more than 10 years ago
Me and my mum, when I was little!
I cant remember how old I am in this photo! But this is me and my Mum when I was around 3, I would guess!

Picture Meme - Day 28
Day 28 - A picture of what you wore today
What I'm wearing today, nothing interesting
What im wearing today, at the moment. I will be changing into my going out outfit later after the gym!

Entire theme under cut.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 26

My birthday - 3 days
America - 20 days

Well today I find myself in bed, ill. Last night before going to bed I had a tickle in my throat and a big headache, but thought nothing of it. Had a terrible nights sleep and woke up at 5.20am with the worst sore throat and banging headache ever! Meh!
This is just typical seeing as my birthday is only 3 days away! I have been in bed with hot water bottles and extra blankets, plus taking day nurse just to shift this thing. I feel much better than I did this morning thank god, and fingers crossed it was just a 24 hour thing rather than a proper cold/flu.  *fingers crossed*

I finally did my first bit of holiday shopping last night! I has been scouring the internet in search of cheap clothes, and only really checked out last night, I was pleasantly surprised! Everything in their sale section was really good prices! In the end I bought 3 dresses and a belt for £33.99 delivered! I think that's a pretty good bargain considering what I bought!

Darcy Knotted Maxi Dress in Charcoal

Leah Lace Dress in Ivory

Chloe Ruffle Lace Skirt Dress in Ivory

Libby Stud Front Waist Belt in White

As soon as I receive them in the post I will post pictures! By then I should have bought some stuff on the high street too! This weekend coming I will be getting my suitcase out of the attic and start packing it, so exciting!!!

Picture Meme - Day 26
Day 26 - A picture that makes you angry
Finally getting my money back on this!!!
This makes me pretty angry, when you order something (that costs £140), and it arrives damaged! Ridiculous! But ebay is on my side and I can finally get a full refund, once I send it back! :)

Entire theme under cut.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 25

My birthday - 4 days
America - 21 days

Well today has been jam packed full of sorting stuff out! I really need to start sorting my room out soon, getting everything tidied away and in order, and find somewhere for my exhibition table to go! At the moment it is just sat in the middle of my room, rather in the way!
I finally have Friday all sorted, going out for a meal with my nearest and dearest! Been a bit stressful having to text loads of people to find out who can come, but I think I finally have it all sorted out! Although I still have Bournemouth to sort out, which is going to be daunting!

I just uploaded another Summer Snapshot book to my Etsy! It is a pink off print book!
Summer Snapshot Book - Front PageSummer Snapshot Book - Back Page
Summer Snapshot Pink - Reportage Screen Printed Book Off Print @ Etsy

This one is an off print as I accidentally printed the front cover on the back! But the inside of the book is the same as the full price ones :)

Picture Meme - Day 25
Day 25 - A picture that you edited
Snapeee edit! Me and simon! <3
I recently downloaded an app called Snapeee, and I think it has to be the best purikura app ever! And I don't even think it is designed for that! It has a community element to it, but I haven't followed anyone yet.

Entire theme under cut.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 24

My birthday - 5 days
America - 22 days

Wooooo! Now that I dont have any kind of work commitments as such I can focus on looking forward to my birthday and my holiday! Been looking forward to this holiday for over 6 months! We booked it back in October last year! Feels like an age ago!
For the next week I think I should set myself tasks.
I already uploaded one of my books to Etsy from the show to sell!
Summer Snapshot Book - Front Cover Summer Snapshot Book - Back Cover
Summer Snapshot - Reportage Screen Printed Book By Bourne Creation @ Etsy

I will be uploading a pink one shortly :) I am just waiting for the lighting to be perfect!

Picture Meme - Day 24
Day 24 - A picture of what you did today (Well, here are a few snaps from my day!)
I finally caught my little girlie cat!Murray: "Go 'Way!"
A pretty house in my villageSo pretty! This garden has a path down to the stream!
Stood in a field with sheep!Moar sheep!
Went for a walk around the village I live in, and havent really explored before, such a lovely place!

Entire theme under cut.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 23

Ive finally had a couple of days to relax! Ahhh!
I played xbox for a few hours yesterday, then went to the gym for box fit, and hung out with my friends in town and said goodbye to a few people! *sob* But its all good as i'll keep in touch with them hopefully :) Thats the only sad thing about finishing Uni!
Today I think after I have photographed a few items for my Etsy shop, I will play more xbox! Woo!
I have also nearly finished the 30 day picture meme :O I will then move onto a 30 day Lolita Meme! Ooooo! Although I will be jetting to America in the middle of that, so will take a hiatus and update as and when :) Only 24 days til I go! WOO!

Picture Meme - Day 23
Day 23 - A picture that describes your life
This is my lovely kitty Murray <3 He is such a big part of my life! And I and pretty chilled out just like him haha!

Entire theme under cut.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 22

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I took my cats to the vets this morning, they were not pleased at all. All three of them had been out all night, so when they got home in the morning they were rather tired, however they still put up a fight when trying to put them in their carry cases X_X Augh!
As for the illustration I did yesterday, here it is!

What I Wore Today 4/6/11
Its an illustration of what I wore for International Lolita Day.

Ive done a few more illustrations today which I will scan in later and then upload :)

Picture Meme - Day 22
Day 22 - A picture of yourself
Shows my Hime bump better!
A picture of how I had my hair for my exhibition. Really need to work on my Hime bump's!

Entire theme under cut.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

LookBook Quick Post!

My latest look from lookbook!

Picture Meme - Day 21 & Exhibition Photos

My exhibition has been taken down now! The foundation students are putting theirs up as I type this, good luck to them!
I am still suffering with this cold, to the point where I have had to cancel my surgery tomorrow. Have re-scheduled for the middle of August, after I am back from America!
I thought I would show a few photographs of my exhibition with you!

Nearly finished, just need's some text!

The first phase of text up on the wall.

All finished!

What I Wore Today 8/6/11
Me stood in front of my exhibition space, on the private view night!

Me and my class for our final photograph together! *sob!*

Finally a cheeky photo of Tobias rummaging around in my drawers, haha! You can find more about this lovely creature over at Sash Does Doodles.

Picture Meme - Day 21
Day 21 - A picture that makes you think of your loved one
Me and my baby 
I don't really have a 'picture' that makes me think about Simon, so I thought I would just post a lovely pic of me and him ^_^

Entire theme under cut.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 20

The weekend has been rather eventful, I thought I was suffering badly with hey fever, but it turns out I actually have a cold ;-; Boo.
I still stocked up on anti-histamines though, so I shouldn't be suffering with hey fever any time soon, I hope...
So apart from that I haven't been up to much! Going to take down my exhibition tomorrow, sob! This is the official end to University! Can't believe it has been three years now! Where has the time gone? Felt like just the other week that I couldn't see the end of this. Ahh!
Once this cold has shifted I will start doing more work for myself, I did do a small drawing the other day, and it is scanned in as well. It's for the What I Wore Today Flickr community, just need to colour it in, and then upload it to Flickr and my website :)

Picture Meme - Day 20
Day 20 - A picture of where you want to honeymoon

Australia! I wouldn't mind going back to Uluru (A.k.a Ayers Rock), was so beautiful! (Picture from here).

Entire theme under cut.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 18 & 19

Today was my one and only day of invigilating my show, and it wasn't too bad! Started at 10am and then stayed until 1.30pm. The first couple of hours flew by, but then it dragged! Never mind.
It will soon be time to take it all down again, hopefully Monday evening but if not, Tuesday morning. I am working on some artwork at the moment hopefully to be published in the What I Wore Today book! But I need to get a motor on, as the deadline is my birthday, 24th June! Eek! (Two weeks today! ^^)

Picture Meme - Day 18
Day 18 - A picture of your room
Christmas 2010
Well I forgot to take a picture of my room this morning, so this will have to do! Its from this Christmas just gone, of the LED curtain I had in my room, doesn't it look lovely!? Just need a house to put it in now...:P

Picture Meme - Day 19
Day 19 - A picture of your favourite musical instrument(s)
My new car! Picked it up today!  Hyundai i10!
I'd have to say the horn on my car :P Haha!

Entire theme under cut.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 18

*Phew* I didnt get a phone call to come and speak to the external examiner, one less thing playing on my mind!
I have the private view of my show tonight, and I am dressing in Memorial Cake! Not wearing it 100% traditional Lolita, as my friend wants me to wear my killer heels as she's wearing hers! but I think they will go well with the dress :)
Heres a polyvore mock-up of my outfit, although my memorial cake is the JSK not OP, also most items are slightly different!

Picture Meme - Day 18
Day 18 - A picture of your room
Ok, so this one I cannot do until I am home next, which wont be until tomorrow evening! ><

Entire theme under cut.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 17

Well today I had an 'interview' or VIVA (no idea what it stands for) with two other members of staff from the college, just to explain my projects and what-not. It was all marked officially yesterday, have no idea what mark I have yet, and apparently I will find out next week with a letter in the mail, woohoo! Cant wait :)

Picture Meme - Day 17
Day 17 - A picture of your mp3 player
My phone!
My MP3 player is my phone, so here's another pic of my phone :P

Entire theme under cut.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Picture Meme - Day 16 & ILD

Well today my show is being marked...EEK! I wonder how I have done!? Wont find out until Wednesday as I have an interview with another member of staff tomorrow, where im guessing I have to talk to them about my work and intentions etc. And then I *might* have to go in and chat to the examiner on Wednesday afternoon if he picks me, I hope not though as I dont want to drive all that way just to talk for 10mins, like tomorrow >< Oh well! Well today I placed a cupcake on my stand, here is the lone cupcake: How cute is this cupcake!?
I wrapped it up in cellophane and a tag which I made, and it looks so cute! I said to the teachers that they were allowed to eat it haha!

A very deserved Starbucks breakfast!!! Then afterwards we decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast, and well deserved it was!

International Lolita Day 4th June 2011

Oufit Shot 3 - ILD 4/6/11Outfit Shot - ILD 4/6/11 Another thing that I did over the weekend was meet up with the South West Lolita's for International Lolita day! :D It was sooo good to see the girls again! I do not get out enough to see them! I also made a Daily_Lolita post about it...EEK! Havent made one of those since 2009 I dont think. You can view it here, if you are a member of D_L.

Close Up - ILD 4/6/11
Details! 2 - ILD 4/6/11Details! - ILD 4/6/11
Group shots:
Group Shot - ILD 4/6/11
Group Shot! - ILD 4/6/11

Picture Meme - Day 16
Day 16 - A picture of your dream cell phone
My new phone case! Shame it was broken when I got it :/
My iPhone4 is my dream phone! I love it so much, and love it even more when it's in this case :)

Entire theme under cut.