Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Woah There!

WOW. I totally didnt notice that in the last theme I had on my blog no-one could post any comments! How crazy!?
So I just went through and tried to transfer as much CSS quickly onto a new template (that also has the top bar back, I wanted to get that back tbh!), with a comment box that works! I think so far, so good :) Just need to make another header, but I dont think its too drab without it :)

Sharing some more photographs I took with my phone and instagram!
Also I have deactivated a few of my etsy shop listings as they are being sent off to be professional photographed, how exciting!? But I will still be uploading new listings everyday until I run out :) But fingers crossed I should still be busy making, unless Uni work gets in the way (really must do some more...)
Heres more instagram'd photos:
Could do with a Starbucks right now!My birthday present!
Cupcakes!Before and after drawing! Lost 37.4lb and still going

Ive also just noticed my photos seem to have a lot of padding...Im gonna go see if I can change that!


  1. Hurrah! A comment box! Oooh, professionally photographed products, def exciting :)


  2. Yeah, sorry about that! I had no idea >< Silly thing.
    And yeah :D Fingers crossed should get the pics back soon! x