Monday, 11 April 2011


Does anyone else have instagram? Since getting my iPhone4 this app has been amazing! Will be even more amazing when I get my proper phone case and can actually use my flash haha!
Been taking plenty of photos with it! :)

Curled my hair! 8/4Screen prints drying on the rack!
Me and Simon!Screen printing
Moo-cow!Paint mixing, which looks like the flickr logo!
Chocolate box cottage!
So what do you guys think!? Im really getting into my iPhoneography..haha! But yeah its so handy to have your phone there and just point and click, although there are soo many apps out there at the moment, and some of them so brilliant. Think after easter I might buy a couple to try out, see what different effects I can get and what-not :)

I also have a huge to-do list over the easter holidays! (Which has already started) I went into uni today to get some screen printing done however, and will be binding the prints into books shortly, I do have one book done, its very rough, but I might sell it as a OOAK, I will post a few pics up of it in my next blog post!

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