Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Changes Soon To Take Place

Lemur! I really need to start the transition from Leahs Designs over to my new name soon, but it will probably take a while as theres a few things that need changing really.
But it will be happening soon one I get the logo and graphics sorted out!
List of to do:
★ Finish logo
★ Sort out blog graphic/s
★ Sort out Etsy shop graphic
★ Sort out moonfruit website

Thats it for online related things really, there is soo much more that needs to be done where Uni work is concerned!!!

★ Start designing business cards
★ Save & print more images
★ Focus on male side of weightloss etc.
★ Save & print more text
★ Start layering more stuff in photoshop and in sketchbook
★ Cut out and finish binding 1st project book
★ Print out 1st project A2 illustration
★ Stick in ALL research for 1st project into sketchbooks and anotate

Phew, I think thats it for now. Will tick them off in my next blog post to see how much I have actually done! Lol.
Heres some more instagram photographs for you!
Cotswold Wildlife park:
Tortoises!Baby alligators of some sort lol.
Poke'mon? Lol.Giraffe
Hibernating bananas!!Oh hai there!
The lone penguinThe very sleepy owl
Piggies!I didn't do it!
Afroduck does not care.Reindeer!!


  1. Chickens! I want the Chicken! Must go to the cotswold wildlife park again...maybe get me a chicken lol! I've read the first Scott Pilgrim, impressed at how closely the film stuck to it. Will start the second one this week. Take care chicka :)

  2. Awesome I am glad you enjoy the books! :) x