Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Shinanigans

To recap here is what I planned my halloween costume to look like:
Just to be safe on the night I changed a few things. Instead of wearing a very expensive Angelic Pretty dress, I decided to wear an Angelic Pretty replica skirt, with a plain top, this way if any zombies (fake blood) or any alcohol decided to come my way, I wouldnt worry too much! And I am so glad I made this decision as someone decided to spill my entire drink down my front anywhos -grump-

This is the only semi outfit shot I have so far from the night:
Halloween 1
When my friend manages to get onto a computer and upload her halloween photos I will post up my proper outfit shot!
Also on the Friday, me, my other half and his best friend decided to be Black Metal:
Halloween 2
Happy Black Metalers ^_^
Halloween 3

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