Monday, 18 October 2010

Some Breathing Space

I finally have some breathing space in my room!
After bagging up 13 items that have sold on ebay, and putting suitcases and boxes into the attic, I finally have the corner of my room back.
But it does not stop there! I am going to put even more on ebay soon! I really am determined to get rid of everything I do not need or definitely want to keep. Plus this will help me in the future when I want to move out, not so much to pack! Although by the time that comes around I am sure I will have accumulated a lot of stuff, and therefore another clear out will be needed!
But enough of thinking that far into the future, I have my last year of Uni to finish before thinking about any of that :)
Here are a few sketchbook pages I have been doing as part of my current project:
Sketchbook Reportage Project 1Sketchbook Reportage Project 2Sketchbook Reportage Project 3Sketchbook Reportage Project 4Sketchbook Reportage Project 5
More to come when I do more! :)

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