Friday, 17 September 2010

New Things and Old Things

So I decided eventually to make a tumblr as well! If you would like to check it out, theres a lovely tumblr button on the side bar (thats my beautiful cat Todd!), or you can click here.
I will get round to making a button for my twitter and website as well soon :)
So lets start with old things, I have re-listed a few listings in my etsy shop that had expired, and they all have new photographs!
BROWNS BLACKS Bracelet - Glass Beaded Bead ElasticPINKS PURPLES Bracelet - Glass Beaded Bead Elastic
And theres plenty more where that came from! Click here to visit my etsy :)

Now for new things!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Necklace - Cake and Slice of CakeLOVE Necklace - Key Heart Roses
Those are two of my new listings on etsy! Two beautiful and unique necklaces!
Right now I believe I should work on some buttons for my many sites :)

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