Wednesday, 15 September 2010

First Post In The Blog-O-Sphere!

I decided to create this blog as an accompaniment to my website Leahs Designs. This is where you can find out my daily goings on, a bit more about my work and anything else I find interesting to put in here!
I have been uploading a few things to my Etsy shop lately, and I thought I should share a few items with you here!
HEAVY METAL Cameo Necklace - Metal Bow ChainmailleGREEN AND WHITE Faux Pearl NecklaceSWEET LOLITA SWANS IN LOVE Cameo Necklace - White Mint Faux Pearl Red Glass Beaded WHITE Faux Pearl With Key And Lock Necklace
Thats just a taster of what is in my shop!

At the moment my website isnt full of much, but as I start on my third year of University, I hope to fill my portfolio with the delights of my three final major projects.

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