Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blogger or Tumblr?

I only started this blog yesturday and thought I made a very good decision in choosing for it to be hosted on!
I was poking around the internet last night however and noticed a few of my friends have tumblr, and the fact it has a free app for it to be update on the go. Now im wondering...Should I have made my blog over there? I asked my twitter friends for a response and I got one for blogger and one for wordpress!
No-one has replied recommending tumblr, but it is early days yet!
The only reason I guess tumblr appeals to me is because of its app and the fact you can follow other blogs through tumblr itself, rather than google.
Pictures for today! Dreads!
4 ORANGE AND PURPLE Candycane Dreads - Synthetic Synth Dreadlocks Fake10 LIGHT PINK Knotty Style Dreadlocks - Dreads Synthetic Synth Fake
Orange and purple candycane dreads, and light pink knotty dreads! They are both up in my etsy shop now :)
Will put up some new necklaces into my shop later today or tomorrow, will make a blog post too!

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