Thursday, 23 September 2010


Just blogging to let you guys know I am going on holiday...tonight!
So there wont be any blog, tumblr, twitter or etsy posts for the next week :(
But dont you worry, I will be back with a blast next week and update you guys on all the goings on around here, and my hols!
Heres a few little tumblr treats for you:


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I recently bought a macbook for my University studies, but I wanted to deck it out and make it more of my own!
As I believe that handmade is better than buying mass, I bought a decal from Etsy! LapTatt to be precise!
Here it is on my macbook, all beautiful looking:

I believe buying this vinyl sticker from Etsy was the best thing ever! I would recommend everyone buys one to decorate macbooks and laptops with!
Apart from that there hasnt been anything new in the shop within the last few days as I have been running around like a mad hatter trying to get everything ready for today (which was my first day back at University! Last year, yay!), but there will be stuff tomorrow, I promise!

Friday, 17 September 2010

New Things and Old Things

So I decided eventually to make a tumblr as well! If you would like to check it out, theres a lovely tumblr button on the side bar (thats my beautiful cat Todd!), or you can click here.
I will get round to making a button for my twitter and website as well soon :)
So lets start with old things, I have re-listed a few listings in my etsy shop that had expired, and they all have new photographs!
BROWNS BLACKS Bracelet - Glass Beaded Bead ElasticPINKS PURPLES Bracelet - Glass Beaded Bead Elastic
And theres plenty more where that came from! Click here to visit my etsy :)

Now for new things!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Necklace - Cake and Slice of CakeLOVE Necklace - Key Heart Roses
Those are two of my new listings on etsy! Two beautiful and unique necklaces!
Right now I believe I should work on some buttons for my many sites :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blogger or Tumblr?

I only started this blog yesturday and thought I made a very good decision in choosing for it to be hosted on!
I was poking around the internet last night however and noticed a few of my friends have tumblr, and the fact it has a free app for it to be update on the go. Now im wondering...Should I have made my blog over there? I asked my twitter friends for a response and I got one for blogger and one for wordpress!
No-one has replied recommending tumblr, but it is early days yet!
The only reason I guess tumblr appeals to me is because of its app and the fact you can follow other blogs through tumblr itself, rather than google.
Pictures for today! Dreads!
4 ORANGE AND PURPLE Candycane Dreads - Synthetic Synth Dreadlocks Fake10 LIGHT PINK Knotty Style Dreadlocks - Dreads Synthetic Synth Fake
Orange and purple candycane dreads, and light pink knotty dreads! They are both up in my etsy shop now :)
Will put up some new necklaces into my shop later today or tomorrow, will make a blog post too!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

First Post In The Blog-O-Sphere!

I decided to create this blog as an accompaniment to my website Leahs Designs. This is where you can find out my daily goings on, a bit more about my work and anything else I find interesting to put in here!
I have been uploading a few things to my Etsy shop lately, and I thought I should share a few items with you here!
HEAVY METAL Cameo Necklace - Metal Bow ChainmailleGREEN AND WHITE Faux Pearl NecklaceSWEET LOLITA SWANS IN LOVE Cameo Necklace - White Mint Faux Pearl Red Glass Beaded WHITE Faux Pearl With Key And Lock Necklace
Thats just a taster of what is in my shop!

At the moment my website isnt full of much, but as I start on my third year of University, I hope to fill my portfolio with the delights of my three final major projects.